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Until now I managed to get these awards:


2009                      INTEL ISEF 2009, 1st award (project “The EiMSARobot”)

2009                      Winner of the “Talent of the year 2009” prize, “The best motiavation for young students”

2009                      AMAVET national event, 3rd award (project “The EiMSARobot”)

2009                      Adept to award “Česká Hlavička 2009”

2009                      Awarded as “The person of the year 2009” by journal Mladá Fronta

2008                      AMAVET national event, 7th award (project “DTM-FHR7 Robot”)

2006                      The GLOBE Games international competition, 1st award (meteorology, hydrology, Earth sciences)

2005                      GLOBE Games international competition, 2nd award (meteorology, hydrology, Earth sciences)

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